About Cloudsweeper

Cloudsweeper is a project that provides tools to help users understand and control their risks online while also conducting research to better understand those risks at a systemic level. At this site, you can both use these tools as well as participate in the research project. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we help cloud storage users identify potentially sensitive files, as well as files that are no longer useful. Our machine learning model Alethia, takes a holistic approach to help users identify sensitive, unwanted files in cloud storage. Backed by extensive research, Alethia improves over state-of-the-art baselines by 26% to 159%, predicting users' desired file-management decisions with 79% accuracy. Cloudsweeper, utilizing Alethia, gives cloud users increased security and a peace of mind.

Our Team

Arshad Narmawala
Blase Ur
Chris Kanich

Chris Tran
Jamie Rodica
Mohammad Taha Khan

Shubham Singh
Srishti Pyasi
William Xue

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