About Cloudsweeper

Cloudsweeper is a project that provides tools to help users understand and control their risks online while also conducting research to better understand those risks at a systemic level. At this site, you can both use these tools as well as participate in the research project. The tools that will be used consist of file explorer, data grid, and tree map. You can analyze your files using our machine learning model Aletheia to help you identify potentially sensitive or no longer useful files. The File Explorer and Tree Map display your files in a new, detailed manner. By integrating these tools we are able to make Cloudsweeper effective, giving cloud users increased security and a peace of mind.

UIC Team Members

Chris Kanich
Aidthya Prasad
Amrit Vardhan
Jian Qiang Wu
Megha Nayar
Carson Zhang
Paul Quinto
Saurav Joshi